SONY Cinema Line

PXW-FX9 trade-in practicalities.

EBDN Ltd. is constantly looking for units of FS7 and FS7MKII Sony cameras in good condition for our education clients.

Units are to be delivered Q1 and Q2 - 2021. Therefore, we ask anybody who is interested in buying a new FX9 camera and trading in his/her FS7 unit for the above purposes to contact us as soon as possible.

 We think this is a unique opportunity for our loyal customers to get the best value for their FS7, upgrade to the Full Frame PXW- FX9 and to enjoy a free DaVinci Resolve workshop in Ireland at the same time. 

We're only continuing our 'tradition' of doing things differently.

February 12 - 2021

As we wrote on our contact page, we will redesign this website exclusively towards  the Sony Cinema Line of products.

Info will be updated in the coming weeks.